"I have always been attracted to math as a language of logic.  Once you learn the basics of this language you can use it to communicate.  My students often tell me that after I explain a math concept, it is not difficult for them to understand it.  They are also able to build on that understanding to master more difficult concepts..  Some of them used to hate math, but now they enjoy it.  Many of my high school students have been accepted to top tier colleges and universities in the US." 

My Background

I started to study math in the former USSR, where there was a unique concept of how to teach math and science from elementary school to high school In middle school I became a member of the math club and participated successfully in math competitions. In the high school I was accepted to a very prestige magnetic school where I studied advanced topics of math and physics as well as programming languages.

Later, I chose an engineering career and got my master’s degree in electrical engineering from a world known Academy of Petroleum. I worked as electrical engineer successfully for about 5 years and then I decided to become a professional educator because of my desire to teach and share my love of math with children and adults.

I believe that a great education is a key to make our planet a better place to live. Mathematics is an astonishing way to train our brain for a critical and logical thinking as well as an important tool for the study of any subject of science.

As an educator, I have held a variety of positions teaching/ instructing students at middle school, high school and college. The foundation of my teaching method is break down each topic into a few simple steps. A student should move to another step only after he/she comprehends the step before it.  I always try to adjust my teaching methods to be able to communicate well with each student.  I believe that It is very important that each student feel that his or her understanding of a topic is his/her discovery, not mine.